Construction and metalware

The PPCF “Alina -A” owns a production plant, metalware workshops, the entire equipment and the staff of highly qualified engineers and constructors.

The PPCF “Alina -A” renders welding service, metal cutting and shape change service, turning and milling works. The quality of metal constructions is constantly being controlled. The operations are executed on a high level due to a close adherence to technology; the aforesaid secures an absence of further corrections. The high tech metalware production is based on the implementation of updated achievements and current customers’ demands.

Production and assembly of various welded metal constructions for civil and industrial construction. It is possible to produce metal constructions of nonstandard dimensions.

The skilled whitesmiths of the PPCF “Alina -A” are equipped with the tools necessary for the production of any articles made of white iron and stainless steel.

Prior to commencement of operations the specialists of the PPCF “Alina -A” layout the metal constructions as per the technical regulations and by customer’s order.

  1. Construction of premises and buildings
  2. Metarware
  3. Sheet metal work