Fire safety

Fire safety implies fire prevention procedures. Fire safety of an object must be secured by the fire prevention systems and fire protection as well as technical arrangements.

The highly skilled staff of the PPCF “Alina-A” renders the following service:

  • Elaboration of the fire safety construction documents for the objects of capital construction, i.e. of industrial and civil destination;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems, fire prevention systems;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire alert and fire-extinguishing systems of all types;
  • Design, installation and maintenance of fire water supply system; technical maintenance of fire cocks and fire extinguishing pumps;
    • Design, installation and technical service of lightning protection systems;
    • Installation of fire protection doors;
  • Supply, recharge, reexamination, repair and maintenance of fire extinguishers of any type.
  • Flame-retardant coating of wooden and metal constructions and any other materials after a comparative analyses of the available materials.
  • Manufacture of fire safety signs on weather-proof metal, plastic and film surfaces;
  • Manufacture of various fire-fighting implements (fire stands, boards, fire hooks, fire conical buckets, fire crowbars, fire shovels and fire axes) as per the current regulation.

All above services are rendered as per the current Ukrainian fire safety regulations.

The licence of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine.

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