Shipyard and ship repair

Shipyard is one of the most important branches of heavy engineering industry. Shipbuilding is one of the leading businesses of the PPCF “Alina-A”. Since 1995 to present time the Company has acquired immense experience in shipbuilding, ship repair and ship retrofitting due to a solid personnel of highly skilled and experiences engineers and workers who have gained their experience in complex operations since the 70-80s. Our Company has built, repaired and retrofitted a lot of ships. We have also designed and built many floating offices, hotels, and restaurants on water for Ukraine, Russia, Norway, Holland and other countries. The Company is acknowledged by the Russian Maritime Register and the Shipping Register of Ukraine.  The specialists of the PPCF “Alina-A” are certified by the English Lloyd Register.

1. Ship repair;

2. Production and installation of window apertures for the ships’ portholes;

3. Retrofitting of a fishing vessel to a pleasure boat;

4. Lifting of sunk ships for their restoration;

5. Yacht repair and building;

6. Building of a barge (Holland);

7. Construction on water (hotel and restaurants on water)

8. Building of a refrigerator (Norway).